Goth Pick-up Lines

Goth Pickup Lines - LR

PS – From now on comics are released a minimum of once a month. Sometimes I may be able to do more, but for now all I can commit to is once a month. After my life calms down some, I am hoping to change this. For more info, please read my patreon post here to learn why this is necessary for further living. This is also why I have consolidated all my sites / social media stuff / etc. into a single site / social media thing / etc. Goth on!

Happy World Goth Day 2016!!!

World Goth Day 2016 - Low Res

PS – Sorry about the later hour. Early morning dentist stuffs meant I slept through my normal posting time. Goth On!


Goals - Low Res

The Game of Life, Pt. 9

The Game of Life, Pt 9 - Low Res