Welcome to the official website of Madison Skye!

When I describe myself I say I’m a strange cross between a rock star, a writer and a mad scientist. Yes, most people give me that look. I don’t quite know what to make of it myself. I write, I paint, I experiment, I create comics, I make fashion…if it’s creative I have probably had a go at it (all while powered by caffeine of course).

If I had my way I would live in a sprawling country mansion complete with dark corridors, creaking doors, messy garden mazes, and secret passages. I would wander the halls scribbling ideas on bits of parchment, ink stains all over my fingers. Rooms would be stuffed with objects handed down from my ancestors, secrets would sit whispering in corners and shadows would move on their own.

As it is, I’m usually to be found at my computer working on my day job or one of my many, many creative ventures. My creations are endless and endlessly varied. I hope to soon publish the novel I have written—currently in editing. I have a web comic called Goth Gal that I update three times a week. I sell paintings created in my not-creepy-not-mansion office/studio thing. Oh, and I am trying to get an art charity called Art Newel up and running so that underprivileged artists can afford to make art.

One day I want to have a production company and an artistic complex (with attached creepy sprawling mansion) filled with talented people. Right now, that seems nearly impossible…but I keep pushing, trying and creating. Visit me on facebook and twitter. You can also visit me on other social media by following the links below. Thanks for stopping by—mind the gargoyles!




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